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As anyone that knows me will confirm, I have always been into gadgets and like to have the latest ones as soon as possible. As soon as the Tom Tom was released I had to have one, and of course find out how it works. It wasn't long before I was experimenting with changing the voices on it to ones I could make myself. As a radio presenter the first voice-skin I made was using my own voice. Once I had mastered this I got some of the other people that I work with to also record their dulcet tones so that I could produce voice-skins of them as well.

This was only ever done as a bit of fun and were made available to a few people that wanted them back in 2005. However, it wasn't long before I was getting emails from people all over the world saying how much they liked the. They have now been downloaded tens of thousands of times, from loads of sites all over the globe.

They are freely available and I am now making them available for download on my own site. The deal is that they are for personal use and must not be sold either directly or indirectly. Full terms and conditions of use are included with each download. By downloading these voices you are agreeing to only use them for non profit making purposes.
These voice-skins all work with Tom Tom Go, One and Navigator.

Andy Siddell

This is me, I have been a radio presenter for over 20 years.
I also do voice-overs for some phone chat & information lines, and automated phone systems. If you would like me to guide you around, then download my voice-skin and we'll go on a nice drive somewhere together.



Big John

With Big John on your Tom Tom You will never be lost again, at over 6 ft tall are you going to ignore him?.
No I didn't think so!

Big John is the Breakfast Presenter on Sheffield's Hallam FM radio station and for some reason he's been download thousands of times by the ladies.



Justin Moorhouse

Justin is well know for his role as Young Kenny in the award wining Phoenix Nights.
He's now in great demand as a Standup comedian, Actor, TV and Radio Presenter.
You can hear him weekday afternoons from 4pm on Manchester's Key 103.
Now he's also on your Tom Tom telling you where to go!
How cool is that?



Liz Whitaker

I worked with Liz when she was a Drive-Time co-presenter on Radio Aire in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

Unfortunately I'm not sure where Liz is working these days but she still remains a favourite for your Tom Tom.

Grab yourself a quality free voice skin for your Tom Tom as Liz says "Ok buckle up off we go"



Vicki Archer

Vicki was the Queen of Magic Radio & can still be heard on BBC Local Radio in the UK.

She has a wonderful unique warm friendly style that everyone just can't help falling in love with.

Why not let her navigate you to your destination with her calm and relaxing voice, a very popular choice!



Great Online Oldies Radio


These are all radio stations I either run or am involved with. Have  a listen, I think you will like
what you hear!

If you are interested in starting your own internet radio station CLICK HERE

Create your own voice skin

It's fun and it's easy. We even provide all the software you need too. Try it today! MORE...


Any files you download from this website are provided "As Is" They have all been scanned for viruses but I accept no responsibility for them.

By downloading any files you are accepting these terms and conditions.